Coffee production a magical experience

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The Colombian Coffee Region has a great history, culture and tradition in the production of the best coffee, which is undoubtedly classified as one of the best in the world.

Entering the Coffee Axis is a magical experience, because there is a whole process of harvesting, collecting, producing and preparing the grain to be able to enjoy an exquisite cup of Colombian coffee.

Weather conditions

Throughout this process, the coffee plant needs to be in specific climatic conditions to be able to grow, such as very humid and mountainous lands with constant 12-hour temperatures and solar luminosity, and with a tropical climate, important aspects to obtain a good coffee crop.

Thanks to the benefits of the climate and its geographical location, the coffee from the Coffee Axis can be grown throughout the year and is distinguished by its flavor and aroma, being a product that has placed Colombia at the forefront, with a high prestige and worldwide recognition.

Quality product

Coffee is a product whose quality is due to many elements that go from its plantation to its harvest; however, it is inadmissible not to appreciate the quality of a good coffee without recognizing the work of the producers and valuing their responsibility in the crops.

They are men and women who have a history that is closely linked to coffee and that in most cases has been transmitted from generation to generation, that is why it is necessary to give more value to the effort made by millions of coffee growers, for all that it implies. Bring the coffee tree to a cup of coffee.

 Photo: Courtesy Finca La Selva, VillaMaría, Caldas, Colombia

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